Phage Directory API Resources

Content API

A collection of utilities that retrieve Phage Directory data.

Capsid & Tail — grab C&T data

Capsid & Tail Latest Issue — latest issue deo

Posts / Feed — grab posts from the community feed

Capsid Content — website data

v3 Endpoints — cached v3 endpoints

Reset Production Cache

Utility API

A collection of utilities that help Phage Directory from day to day.

Paper Scraper — grab DOI and metadata from a paper, article, or website

Citation Generator — generate citations from a DOI

Socializer — extract social media metadata from a list of social media links

Academia — Get names/locations of academic emails

Notifier — Email Notifications endpoint

Calendar Events — Generating ICS, public calendar events, and such. And the PD official events list demo

Animal API — Generate adjective-animal pairs for simple user-ID

Strain Correction — Given a paragraph of text, correct, contract or expand strain names

File Upload — Upload a file to the Phage Directory bucket

Inference / LLM APIs

Blurbs — Generate blurbs with ease!

Chatty — Very basic chat!

Future — A dystopian text adventure example (github)

Reviewer #2 — Reviewer #2 toy for Q&A

↗ Reviewer #2 — Reviewer #2 toy for Q&A (external version)

↗ Jessica Thesis — Pinecone embeddings toy on Jessica's thesis

Forms API

For sending stuff into v3 PD (Airtable), Notion, and beyond (future- CouchDB, Pocketbase)

JSON Forms — Generalized system for testing actions and POST requests for updating data

Create Account — Stack for creating (and editing) accounts, comprising of Profiles, Orgs, and Phage Collections

Instill Community API






Biobank + Phage Search APIs

Coming later!